2017 Harvest Schedule

  Updated October 14, 2017

Redfree Apples Harvest Completed
Willams Pride Harvest Completed
Wealthy Apples Harvest Completed
Summer Red Apples Harvest Completed
McIntosh Apples Sept. 21 -Oct.15
Cortland Apples Sect. 21 - Oct.22 (see note below)
Liberty Apples Harvest Completed
Bartlett Pears Harvest Completed
Empire Apples Sept. 30 - Oct. 22
Spartan Apples Harvest Completed
Golden Delicious Apple Oct. 5 - 22 (se note below)
Red Delicious Apples Oct. 5 -22 (see note below)
D'Anjou Pears Harvest Completed
Rome Beauty Apple Oct. 15 -22

  NOTE: For picking this weekend, October 14 -15, we have Cortland, Empire, Golden and Red Delicious, and a few McIntosh. In addition, we have a good supply of cider apples. We expect  we will finish McIntosh and Empire harvest this weekend. As for the Cortlands, Golds, and Red Delicious, the weather during the coming week will determine what will be left to harvest next weekend, October 21 and 22nd.


HOURS: 5:15 to sundown Thursday & Friday (apple-picking only), 9:00 - 5:00 weekend days