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The apples this year are quite clean and pest free. Whew! Apple scab and codling moth are the primary pests with which we have problems. Apple scab is a fungus that causes black, scab-like spots on the apples. The apples remain edible, but are unattractive. The codling moth is responsible for the classic "Worm in the apple".

Don't worry about the worm

We have almost eliminated scab using a sophisticated monitoring system that constantly records the temperature and leaf-wetness conditions in the orchard. Scab development is influenced by temperature and wetness. When the data from the monitor is downloaded onto computer, we are able to predict scab development using a model developed by Cornell University. By using this system, we are able to take advantage of the safety of a "soft fungicide", yet obtain reasonably good scab control. We have also been able to dramatically reduce the cost and amount of fungicide used.

Our primary weapon against the Codling moth continues to be the use of Pheromones to disrupt mating. The female moth uses a pheromone to attract males for mating purposes. The male detects the pheromone "scent", and follows it to the female. To confuse the male moths, we saturate the orchard with the same "scent". The males the become disoriented and can not locate the female moths. The net result is that the moths do not mate, and do not produce any offspring.

Pheromones are 100% natural and are 100% safe. The Use of pheromones has allowed us to produce apples without the use of organophosphate insecticides. The absence of organophosphate insecticides allows us to keep bees in the orchard without poisoning them or you.

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